Due to  the overwhelming expansion of the popular electronic book formats, Positive Knowledge Books Inc. has changed its company profile.

Meaning,  all "First time authors" will begin in Paper back and  Kindle E-Book format. Thus providing all of our readers across the globe, a better and less expensive means of acquiring Positive Knowledge Books.

However, if any new author's title begins to escalate in popularity, PK Books Inc. will  then, and only then, place the title in a hard cover version.

 PK Books Inc. Publishing DOES NOT accept unsolicited manuscripts or, works promoting racial hatred, violence, or pornography.

​All books must be fully edited and complete to be considered for publication. If you do not have an editor or find such editing companies to expensive, we have freelance editors on staff  to help you. They are at the top of their field and, our in house authors frequently use their services.

If you have a manuscript that is ready for viewing, please send a query letter and synopsis telling us a bit about yourself and your book. Do not attach the synopsis to your email in either Word document, Rich Text Format or any other form. Attachments will not be opened.

Hint: A good synopsis is how we base our decision to see more from an author about their book. If we are interested, we will contact you.

To view a sample Query letter, please click here 


PK Books Inc.does NOT accept books that have already been published by self or otherwise.

To send your query, please go to the contact page.



Response time on submissions and queries for books is usually 90 days or less.  We do try to respond in a timely fashion but due to the overwhelming submissions we receive, this process may take longer.


Books published by PK Books Inc. are marketed mainstream via our distribution partners including leading distributors such as Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, and others.

All books produced by PK Books Inc. appear on the Ingram annotation list, which captures the eye of booksellers, libraries and traditional bookstores.

In addition, all books are placed in the  Kindle format and PK Books Inc. works closely with Ingram’s distribution and printing facility, LSI, who not only distributes literary here in the States, but also has distribution and printing facilities in the UK and Australia, which allows our humble company to expand our reach in the global market.



When PK Books Inc. signs an author, the author will receive twenty percent (20%) of book royalties at the discounted price to retailers on up to five-thousand (5,000) books sold.  When the author's book reaches five-thousand and one (5,001) books sold, the author's percentage will increase to thirty percent (30%).


All payment is through a pre-negotiated contract and books are marketed mainstream through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retail outlets that are non-returnable. This may include the standard 25% to 55% trade discount from the bar-coded retail price we provide our retailers.

PK Books Inc. never pays authors upfront monetary advances of any kind for literary work. This is a commission-based company only and all royalties are paid on a quarterly basis. In addition, authors are paid their percentage based on the Amazon and Ingram royalty PK Books Inc. receives.

Positive Knowledge Books Inc.

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